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Our Journey

Royallinks, one of the top house construction companies in Bangalore, was started as a building management and renovation company by two Brothers, Mr.Raghulal and Mr.Rejilal.They continued for a period of 4 years, from 2006-2009.


Royallinks started interior designing also. Royallinks Construction successfully led interior projects with a creative and professional team of designers.


Royallinks started house construction along with the interior from 2012 to the present. The excellent team of construction professionals has taken all the projects well, both in the residential and commercial fields.

Our Founders

house construction company in bangalore
Rejilal Rajan
Managing Director
"We at Royallinks always owe to provide you happy homes in your dream design. We construct your house with dedication and wish to see your happy smile. We not only deal with the technical building construction but also give you a whole life emotion by presenting your home."
house construction company in bangalore
Reghulal Rajan
Managing Director
"Royallinks always owe to provide you with happy homes in your dream design. Our construction comprises in the most systematic and contemporary way with the dedication to giving you a happy smile."
Meet Our Team

We have a dedicated team of professional and highly experienced Architects technical and marketing team committed to accomplish construction in a fixed time frame.

house construction company in bangalore
Sasmi Rejilal
Finance Head




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house construction company in bangalore

About Us

Royallinks was founded by two brothers, Mr.Rejilal and Mr.Raghulal, in 2006. Both have decades of expertise and experience in Home Construction and Interior design. Initially, it started with interior designs and building management and later into Royalinks house construction. Royallinks, the Best House construction company in Bangalore, has always been about being a housing and interior brand that people can trust, depend and afford. Customer satisfaction is our main theme, and Royallinks undertakes the construction and design of residential, commercial, and institutional buildings across Bangalore. Royallinks proud to have provided homes for more than 100+families and 1500+ interior design projects.

...Our managing directors, Mr.Rejilal and Mr. Reghulal bring their knowledge, passion, and dedication to the workforce and create a friendly environment in the workplace. They have overseen a broad range of successful commercial and residential house construction projects across Bangalore. Royallinks house construction and interiors in Bangalore have high-tech industrial machinery and long-term Professional and Experienced architects, designers, and engineers Follow new trendy designs in construction and interior design. Read more

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